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Our goal is to provide free medical exams for those who have no access to a doctor. Through regularly scheduled visits to remote villages, we bring the consistent medical attention needed for the under privileged to maintain good health.

Doctors 4 Indigenous coordinates our efforts and shares administrative personnel and facilities with other dedicated groups who serve the remote indigenous villages on the Mexican Pacific coast. 


 1. ECO VIDA. The local non-profit organization Eco Vida provides environmental education, disaster preparedness, job training and assistance with planning and building sustainable infrastructure projects including solar, biogas, water purification, and sewage treatment. Visit;


2. Michoacan Government. State health professionals have organized with us to deliver a comprehensive program that includes instruction on personal hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, food preparation and more.


3. Ochoa Sports. Economic viability of remote indigenous villages depends of a bit of adventure tourism that brings in much needed revenue for indiginous families. Ochoa Sports organizes small groups of visitors, as well as some volunteers who help the doctors perform their services.


4. NextGenUrban. Long term sustainability for a remote indigenous population often comes down to basic supplies of water, energy, food, and fuel. NextGenUrban is a group of engineers and builders who design, build, and self finance small scale systems that save money for the local families while providing a economic road map toward self sustaining populations.


5. SonAlgas.  The indigenous farm outreach program by the algae fertilier and animal feed company, SonAlgas, is organizing low cost high quality farm supplies that will boost the crop output on indigenous farms, then helps family farmers organize for better distribution and access to markets.


5. Coliman Org. A native language education program organized by the Coliman organization brings Nahuatl and Purepechan learning programs to the remote indigenous populations and works toward a complete renaissance of indigenous music, dance, art, architecture, sports, medicine, and all forms of ancient wisdom.


But it is not all work! Volunteers enjoy their off hours enjoying the many cultural and recreational opportunities afforded by the natural amenities in these beautiful rustic villages. Surfing, diving, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, SUP, Kiteboarding and other outdoor sports are popular with the "Surfing Doctors" as they have become know.


The entire village outreach program will soon be housed in luxurious, but low impact facilities. Designed as Exclusive Adventure Camps where we will perform our services along side Eco Vida's environmental education program and adventure tours. 



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